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CO2 sequestration by olivine is most efficient in tropical circumstances.

In order to make the most of this in a optimal and certified manner has Olivine Concepts come to agreement with various institutions and companies.


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The aim is to sequester CO2 in a fast and efficient manner and to increase the yields of agricultural products. Thereby are the local people in the tropics supported in their development.



In one of the poorest areas of Tanzania a promising initiative has started. Small holder mines are for already many years searching for gemstones. At these mining activities large amounts of residual material is produced.

At some locations is this mineral with a high amount of olivine. This fine material is bought by us and will be spread in the close vicinity at rice fields.

By the erosion of olivine minerals are released, ie. Magnesium ions, carbonate and silica. These minerals are vitalizing the soil.

The yield of rice will be increased by this!!


The reaction in these tropical circumstances is much faster en thereby are large amounts of CO2 seuestrated.



The monitoring and administration of this project will be done by research institutions in both the Netherlands and Tanzania.